A Couple of Quick and Easy Tips to Continue Ranking in 2018

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It was just a few years back when people would give you SEO advice about simply publishing as much content as you can out there. In 2015 for example, one could rank highly in Google’s search results page for a specific keyword by including this in their key on-page optimization sections. However and just like everything else, things change. The search engines that people have known in the past are no longer the same ones they’re used to.

To get straight to it, here are a few tips from Houston SEO agency Spartan Digital on how you can make the content you publish from now on more SEO-friendly for the coming year.

Tip #1: Focus Content on Topic Clusters

Instead of just writing and publishing content just to have something out there, you should cluster your topic ideas to help establish you as an authority on a specific subject. This would often come around a more comprehensive piece of content known as “pillar content.” This type of content is intended to provide users with a higher level of understanding about a topic. You will have then your pillar or main piece of content supported by other specific articles it is related to which is then called “cluster content.”

Tip #2: Your Alt Texts Matter Now

This alt text is a small part of your HTML code which would help search engines such as Google, plain text clients, and visually impaired visitors to understand what your image is about. For people who are used to the old SEO habits, you might still be putting in your keywords here and hope to rank better for them.

The problem here is that although you won’t be penalized for doing so, you are actually hindering yourself from growing your SEO with alt texts. Instead of using one or two keywords, you should now actually describe the photo you will be using in that article for its alt text section. This will help your image rank better when people search for them such as with Google Images and other sites like Pinterest.