SchoollyBite School Management Modules

In SchoollyBite ERP, several progressive modules are in-built which provide fast, secure information in real-time to users. Well-designed and ready-to-use modules include but not limited to student management, employee management, HRM & Payroll, Document Management, time table module to library management. Designed to cater to needs of small as well as large academic bodies, educational institutions are free to choose any module as per their requirements and need to pay for what they use. We are Noida based service provider and as per business requirements offers modules, which are easy to customize further with additional features. Any educational institution based in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Bhopal or Gurgaon, etc. Can call us for viewing a demo of our school ERP, SchoollyBite.

Our user-friendly dashboard gives login access to teachers, school management, students and parents and provides them with definite solution. Moreover, whatever information is shared in the module remains fully protected with SSL securities. Our service support team remains on their toes to resolve clients’ problems in minimum time frame. So, let’s take a sneak peak about different modules integrated in our school ERP and what they encompass.

Student Management

The student management can now maintain comprehensive record of every student getting enrolled in different streams in an education institution. Maintaining records like personal details along with photographs of students, previous school details, birth and other educational documents, guardians’ detail, admission in which streams and standard etc., would be no more a tiring task.

Admission Management

The software manages admission process of new as well as old students in simple steps. Online registration of students, verifying and shortlisting applications online, submitting admission forms along with fee, etc., are few of the tasks which can be performed with ease.

Fee Management

Comprehensive and robust data about fee management of any institution with SchoollyBite can be prepared in nick of the time. Preparing trackers of how many students paid fee on time, mode of payment, outstanding fee, scholarship obtained by students, generating fee challan, etc. would be a child’s play with this software.

Employee Management

Manage employee data precisely and flawlessly with information like employee’s leave, job designation, grade, department, subjects, years of association including personal information.

HRM & Payroll

Giving complete power to Human Resource Management Personnel, important information like salary details, salary slip, PF challan, increment details, arrears of employees, bank account details are easy to feed and extract. Even students can document their grievances through HRM module.

Transport Management

Effectively manage transport of your institution with user-friendly School Management software, SchoollyBite. Managing vehicle log, drivers and helpers, mapping route to students, route pick up and drop points, daily driver details, etc., ensures security of students as well as staff.

Parents’ Portal

Parents, any point of time, can get performance sheet of their wards by logging in at parents’ portal module. Even if parents have any concern, they can highlight the same through the portal.

Library Management

Interactive interface of library module allows library staff to keep record of library books handy. Books name along with author, number of books issued at particular ID, returning book alert, late fee fine on students, etc., are some of the details can be stored in library database in fraction of seconds.

Bulk SMS (Birthday, News & Daily Activities)

Why to remember important events or birthdays of anybody? SchoollyBite software is there for you acting as a reminder. Important events, news or activities of schools and birthdays of students or staff are flashed at the dashboard for every users’ convenience.

Subject & Courses

- Assigning subjects to teacher, setting course batches subject associations, keeping a record of electives selected by which students, etc. are some of the details which remain handy in subject & course module.

Petty Cash Management

Managing day-to-day expense of the institution, reconciling petty cash account, taking report on opening and closing balance of every day is a matter of few seconds with petty cash module.

Examination (CCE pattern)

Examination module is designed to help students and parents gather information about exam details and performance cards. It also helps teachers in uploading or editing score cards, feeding exam important instructions, preparing graphical representation of result and many more. The CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) is maintained appropriately as per defined pattern.


Communication module acts as a platform where important communication to parents can be send by teachers. Information pertaining to admission, fee dues, attendance, performance analysis of students are notified by sending SMS alerts as well as via emails also.

TC Verification Process

Verification of Transfer Certificate of students can be easily done by checking TC certificates of students at this module. Even students can easily download their TC from this verification module and get admission in any other educational institute without any problem.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management module is extremely helpful for hostel wardens. Information like which room is allotted to which students, which rooms are vacate, which rooms are two-seater and three-seater, menu for different days, etc., can be downloaded or checked easily and at any time.

Student trip Management Module

Every year students enjoy trips organized by school management. Through this module, information like number of trips organized, destination chosen, how many students given fee, date of trip, trip attendance, etc., can be given to top management or parents as and when asked.

Visitor Management

Management at any point of time can get complete details how many visitors visit per day, their contact details and information like to whom to meet with SchoollyBite visitor module.


Whether it is a student or staff, no need to feel a hitch in raising your queries or complaints. Easy to use module configures query pattern, restrict the number of query per user and define the propagation path clearly. Even respective authorities can reply on these queries by following defined propagation path.

Student I-card Management

I-card management module enables users to perform the task of I-card printing with barcode and manage I-card template with ease.

Our Software Can Generate a CBSE Report Card
Report cards are probably one of the most important pieces of information that schools can hand across to parents – given how important CBSE results are when it comes to a child's future career and job prospects, knowing what progress is being made and grades obtained is vital. For schools, collating the information needed to produce a CBSE report card can be a challenge, which is why a large number are now using appropriate software to produce high-quality reports. If your school wants a convenient, efficient report generation system, our software could be just what you're looking for.
All the Information for a CBSE Report Card in One Place
When you use software to compile a report, there's no need to cross-reference data from other sources in order to get everything you need. Our software can be used to record anything from test results through to attendance, dates of examinations and more. The stored data can be shown in a variety of formats, so it's easy to make sure that a report contains everything you want parents to know about.
A Handy Way for Parents to Track Progress
Paper report cards can get lost or damaged all too easily – plus it's often hard to keep hold of them long enough to compare progress since the last report. The advantage of a report generated from our software is that it can be sent to parents electronically. By downloading our App, parents are able to access report information whenever they wish. It's also easy to track test results and academic progress over time, so parents (and teachers) are able to quickly identify where extra effort or support may be required.
We Can Help with Your CBSE Report Card Software Requirements
From initial information about the benefits our software can bring through to assistance with installation and on-going performance, our skilled, friendly team is here to help. If you want to find out more about the benefits which our software can bring to your CBSE report card generation, or for anything else, you can contact us on [email protected]
Transform Your Lending and Returns with Top-Quality Library Management Software
Although the school library is a valuable resource, making sure that books are returned on time and tracking who's been issued with what can be difficult. Particularly when a manual system is used, it can be very time consuming and it's all too easy for books to end up permanently missing from the library stock. To make library operation more efficient, schools are increasingly using library management software.
Multi-Functional Library Management Software
Our library management software lets you manage borrowing efficiently – if required, reminders to return overdue books can be automatically generated, sending a message to the borrowers phone to let them know that their books are due back. Because the books are electronically checked in, there's less risk of them being overlooked and recorded as missing. It's also possible to manage reservations, catalog inquiries and a range of other functions – why not ask us to visit you and provide you with a FREE demonstration?
Keeping Parents Informed About Missing Library Books
Despite reminders being sent to pupils, it's often the case that they fail to return a book. Better results are often achieved by communicating directly with parents, which is where our software can really add value – it's possible to text parents with details of outstanding loans, as well as share information on their child's borrowing habits. Parents just need to download our easily accessible App in order to enjoy fast communication with the school regarding library books and a range of other issues.
Let Us Tell You More About Our Library Management Software
We know that it's often easier to appreciate the added value which the right software can bring to your school administration if we show it in action. That's why we're happy to come to your school and show you why so many schools are choosing to use our software to make their administration faster and more effective. To book your FREE demonstration or find out more, you can contact us on [email protected]
School Admission Software Can Speed Up the Admissions Process
School admissions and transfers are a normal part of school administration, but they can be incredibly time consuming to process. Many schools are trying to make the admissions procedure easier by introducing school software to offer assistance. The right software can speed things up as well as ensure that all relevant information is captured. If you want to streamline your administrative systems, fresh software could really help.
Give Parents the Information They Need with School Admission Software
It's not just schools that need information on a new pupil; new parents also need large amounts of information on school procedures, expectations and communication methods. Our software has the facility for parents to download an App, giving them rapid access to relevant information. This is a valuable addition to any paperwork you hand out, as well as a useful mechanism for on-going communication.
Remind Parents About Outstanding Actions
During the admissions process, there may well be pieces of information which the parent needs to supply at a later date, or which needs to come from the pupil's previous school. Our software can alert you to the outstanding data that needs collecting – if required it's also possible to generate messages to parents, reminding them what needs to be supplied. The school admissions process is also a great opportunity to prompt parents to download the App, as well as stress the benefits it can bring – a good start for new parents who want to enjoy a good relationship with the school and have the benefit of all the valuable information the software can give them.
Professional Assistance with School Admission Software
The software we offer can be customized to meet a variety of objectives. From a smoother admissions process through to better parent communication, exam results and even school bus tracking, we can provide a fast, convenient solution that's easy to operate. To find out more about the possibilities we provide, you can contact us on [email protected]
Make Life Easier with a School Bus Tracking System
How much school admin time is wasted by phone calls from parents, worried that their child's school bus is late or that their child isn't on it? With many children often having additional tuition or other activities in the evenings, ensuring that their child is on a bus that's going to get them where they need to go on time is vital. For schools, ensuring that transport runs as smoothly as possible, and that parents are aware of any changes or disruptions, is always a priority. That's why a growing number of schools are adopting a school transport management system.
A School Transport Management System Improves Communication
Software that tracks where school buses are allows parents to easily check, via their App, where their child's bus is located. This means they don't need to call the school and don't have to automatically start worrying if their child isn't at a designated stop by a certain time – the software will show exactly where the bus is, so if there is a delay it's easy to see what's happening.
Emergency Transport Information is Easily Conveyed
Unfortunately, mechanical breakdown, a delayed finish to a trip or school activity or road work can all cause school bus delays. If schools need to let parents know that a bus will be delayed, our software allows them to do it quickly and easily. Wherever parents are, the message can be relayed to their phone, instantly alerting them and preventing anxiety and a flurry of calls to the school to find out what's going on!
Plenty of Support for Your School Bus Tracking System
Our expert team is always on hand to assist when it comes to ensuring your bus tracking system works well. We can explain exactly how to use the software, as well as sort out any glitches quickly and easily. If you want a convenient, cost-effective transport communication system, our software could be the perfect solution. To find out more about how our tracking system could work for you, you can contact us on [email protected]
Simplify Administration with a School Information Management System
Almost inevitably, schools generate an awful lot of paperwork. From timetables through to exam records, attendance sheets, announcements, last-minute arrangements and more, there's always information that needs passing on to parents. Unfortunately, without an efficient system in place, it's all too easy for letters, reports and other paper documents to go missing. Some schools send emails, but these are unsuitable for relaying complex data which requires tabulation or listing. For many schools, an information management system is the best solution.
A School Information Management System that Lets You Do More
Our information management system has been designed to capture a wide range of information about pupils and general school life. Using the system, teachers and administrative staff are able to relay information on everything from homework through to exam grades, timetabling information, equipment required, trip updates, school bus tracking and more. Rather than trying to access information from a range of different sources, parents can simply download the App and find out everything they need to know.
Access Information Any Time, Any Place
As long as parents have access to the Internet via their phone, they will be able to keep track of what's happening at school at any time. This is a significant advantage when it comes to letting them know about last-minute changes or cancellations, as other methods of communication simply wouldn't be fast enough.
Help and Support for Your School Information Management System
Our skilled, enthusiastic team will always be on hand to help when it comes to making your management system a success. Whether you need assistance to set the system up, or are having problems in uploading data or on-going maintenance, our friendly team is here to help. To find out more about how school software can transform your administrative systems, you can contact us on [email protected]
Let Us Help with Your School Bulk SMS Requirements
Whether it's a school bus that's been cancelled, a pick-up time that's been altered or last minute information about school closure due to weather conditions or some other issue, there are always occasions when school needs to get information to parents rapidly. In these circumstances, a bulk SMS (text) message that's sent to each parent's phone is ideal. We can provide the software and support you need to send bulk SMS messages quickly and easily, ensuring parents know exactly what's going on.
Rapid Messaging Can Prevent All Sorts of Problems
Because your SMS goes direct to a parent's phone, it can be picked up at any time of the day or night, no matter where the parent might be – if they have phone reception, they can pick up your message. This enables parents to respond or react rapidly and prevents many of the phone calls and complaints to the school that can crop up if parents aren't informed of sudden changes in timings or other pressing issues.
A SMS Provides a Great Last-Minute Reminder
Reminding parents that their child needs to bring in special equipment for a particular lesson, or that today is the day for that all-important test or assessment minimizes the risk of children arriving at school unprepared for what lies ahead. Because parents are busy people with multiple commitments, having a gentle reminder sent directly to their phones can really help them to ensure their child has everything they need and has done the right homework or preparation.
Friendly Assistance with Your School Bulk SMS Procedures
We work with schools across the country, helping them to seamlessly integrate bulk SMS features into their administrative systems. Our professional, highly skilled team is on-hand to assist at every stage of the process, providing the support and information you need to make the SMS system work for you and your organization. To find out more, you can contact us on [email protected]
Reliable and Accurate Student Attendance Software
Several studies have shown that a routinely high school attendance is one of the factors that results in enhanced educational performance. It's also one of the key indicators of student well-being – often a low attendance can indicate problems at home or with health. For these reasons and more, making sure that attendance records are up-to- date and accurate is important. Our software enables you to keep track of attendance quickly and easily. Even if you have a large student body, we can make attendance recording a simple, rapid process.
Generate a Variety of Attendance Reports
By looking at patterns of attendance over time, it's often possible to spot what factors are most likely to trigger an absence – some children may tend to take a particular day of the week off, perhaps to avoid a lesson they dislike. Others may have regular days off due to family pressures. Whatever the issue may be, having access to accurate historic attendance data can ensure you have the evidence you need to take appropriate steps.
Parents Value the Information They Receive from School Attendance Software
Today's parents lead busy lives and may not always realize that the odd day off or late start their child has can result in significant amounts of education being missed. School attendance software can provide an instant picture of attendance over time, enabling parents to quickly grasp how their child is performing when it comes to attendance.
School Attendance Software Can Improve Attendance
Our software can be used to generate messages straight to parents' phones (via our accessible App), asking them where their child is if they haven't arrived in the morning as well as keeping them informed of any on-going attendance issues. To find out more about the benefits our attendance software can bring to teachers, parents and pupils, or to request a FREE software demonstration at your school, you can contact us on [email protected]
How Can School Examination Software Help Parents and Schools?
Although the idea of software being an aid to school examinations is relatively new, it's growing in popularity due to the many benefits it brings. For schools, it makes communication easier and cost-effective – no need to send out hundreds of printed letters – simply upload relevant examination information to the software and it's almost instantly distributed to parents. Not only does this ensure that parents get the information they need, it eradicates the need for printed material that costs money to create and can get lost or misplaced all too easily.
Parents Love the Convenience of School Examination Software
Most parents want to make sure that their child has all the information they need for successful study, as well needing the exam timetable so that they know what equipment is required or last minute revision their child needs to do. Because the information is readily available through our handy App, it enables parents to access the facts they need 24/7, even if they're out and about.
A Convenient Method of Tracking Progress
In addition to tracking information on exam results, the software can also be used to find out test results, assessment grades and similar. Not only does this enable parents to reward positive progress, it also means it's easy to see where additional support is required or some further work. Since all the information is already uploaded, it's easy for schools to generate a range of reports and progress lines that can help inform teaching, assist with placing children in the right set for their ability and similar tasks.
Help With Your School Examination Software
We understand that new software always takes a while to get used to, which is why our team offers a dependable source of support and assistance. Whether you need help with setting up the software, populating it or resolving a problem, our knowledgeable staff is able to give you the advice you need to get your software up and running smoothly. To find out more about the advantages of examination software or for anything else, you can contact us on [email protected]